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Friends Only

Friends Only!

Twisted Kiss is now a friends only journal. Please add me to your friends list first and then comment to be added to mine.

This entry is backdated. :)


The spam...

...is ridiculous. What happened, Livejournal?


Well, I got sidetracked again. I was uploading stuff, but...oops. Might still be uploading in the future. Might also use this as a place to post random crap I find. Maybe.

Coming soon....

...an update!

I'm back.


Haven't been on here in a while LOL.

Writer's Block: Little monsters

If you could create a monster movie, what kind of monster would it be, and what would be the underlying moral of the story?

I would create a giant mushroom that would equal Godzilla's power and size. The underlying moral of the story would be that mushrooms are evil. Duh. xD


So I found out why my best friend isn't talking to me. I found this blog post on her MySpace page. It's only the part dealing with me.

???Collapse )

Internet Problems

Ah, I'm such a bad uploader.

My internet has not been behaving lately. A friend and I went to visit the regional vice presidents of our provider, and they told me to have my mum give them a call because the net should not be doing that, and neither should my TV. xD

Soooo...hopefully it will fixed by the end of June.

I'll try to upload stuff, but I'm not making any promises.

I need some help/favors | NEVER MIND

I am in desperate need of someone who can code layouts for Blogger. I have a new blog up over there and I've been trying to code a custom layout for it for hours. I just can't do it. It's drivng me insane.

So I'm wondering if anyone could code a layout for me? I already have the main header image (posted below). It doesn't matter what type of layout it is as long as the color scheme somewhat matches the main header image.

Or if anyone knows a site that offers full tutorials (from start to finish) in making and coding a layout for Blogger?

Please help. I'm desperate. ;_;

Header Image

Never mind. I figured it out. XD And I am uploading stuff. I have several mini-discographies and music videos that are currently being uploaded. My Internet has been absolutely horrible lately and my computer's been acting funky. But there should be a new post containing some albums and MVs within the week. :)

And if anybody's wondering...the Manson concert rocked. =D Next concert: Tiger Army!


Okay so this doesn't really have anything to do with music, but...

Has anyone ever done those "work at home" jobs? The ones were you take surveys and get money or whatever. I need a job and I think that work at home ones are the only ones that will work for me right now because of lack of transportation and other obstacles.

Anyways, I was just wondering if they really do pay you to take surveys. The one I am interested in is this one. It just seems too "good" to be true...-.-

Oh, and I'm hoping to be able to upload a few things this weekend or early next week. Hopefully. XD

P.S. I'M SO MAD THAT AN CAFE IS GOING TO AKON THIS YEAR!!! WHY COULDN'T THEY HAVE COME LAST YEAR WHEN I WENT!?!?!?!?!? Last year totally sucked (except for a few things) and I think it would've been way better if I could've looked forward to seeing them. Especially since Bou's leaving. ;_; If anyone goes please please get me an autograph from all of them. I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER AND YOU MAY KEEP ME AS YOUR SLAVE.